Mumbles under 8s

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Dunvant Match This Sunday: 7s and 8s

Both the 8s and 7s are now confirmed for a match at Dunvant this Sunday. Gowerton will also be there for a mini tournament, so be there at 10:30 so we can have a prompt start. With 2 teams to play, the full 8s squad will be involved.

Directions to Dunvant RFC. Click here. Drive up through Sketty and onto Gower Road towards Killay. At Killay, take the right turn (at roundabout) onto Goetre Fawr Road, towards Dunvant on the B4296. Take the second left onto Broadmead, and the Broadacre Ground is at the end of the road.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

How contact coaching has improved our evasion skills

Cameron Lewis sees a gap (between the teeth of his opposite number) and goes straight for it. Notice how our referee carefully shepherds Gowerton's best defender out of the way.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A date for your diary

Mumbles U7 and U8 present a live band bash featuring 'The Contenders' at Mumbles Rugby Club. Sat 26th April - 8 til late. £5 per head. Tickets will be available at training and at matches over the next few weeks. Bring some friends and support the teams.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Gowerton Match Reports

Great turnout this morning to welcome Gowerton. Both matches were close and competitive. The 7s were fired up for action and are really gelling as a group. Most importantly they are enjoying their rugby. Final score 7-5. The 8s also edged out a slick-passing Gowerton outfit with some excellent defense. Good straight running brought the tries for a change, with the wide open spaces being left untapped in the muddy conditions. Despite the conditions not being ideal for tag, this was, again, an excellent fixture all round.

Apres Rugby
You may not know that all players and parents are welcome back at the club after the game on Match days. It is easily overlooked with the clubhouse not being next to the pitch, but it is a good place for the younger players from different schools to mix and get to know each other. The players get a hot dog and the visiting teams are welcome too. Give it a try next home match.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Under 8 selection for this week

Mike G and Dan have had the slide rules out to work out that the players who didn't get play last week will have proportionately more time this week. Take into account that some didn't play against Penlan and then this is the equation:

playing time for a player (pl1)= minutes played last week x minutes played the previous week as a function of the ball in hand over the two weeks, less the sarcastic remarks made about Mike Morgan's legs from two weeks ago, over the square root of the times mud has been thrown in training which has accidently hit the coach, as an inverse function of the tiredness of the coach on the sideline making the subs who can't remember who went on last and for how long.

Applying this formula to myself means that the resultant number indicates I should stay in bed on Sunday morning.

QED: All selection queries to Mike G then.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Gowerton Match Details, Sunday 24th

Gowerton will be bringing down a 7s and 8s side this Sunday. Meet at Underhill at 10:30 and we aim for a 11:00 start, with the 7s playing at the same time as the Under 8s, pitches permitting.

This is what contact rugby produces

If you are worried that your son will turn out looking like gnarled, muddied oaf, here is proof that it is not always the case.

Gavin's mother might want to change that elastic though.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Take a picture of me

I need to have some photos of me "coaching" for my website and was wondering if anyone wants to take some snaps of me tomorrow or on Sunday. Just take me "doing coaching" and I can submit them to the publishers to put on the front of their emails etc. The picture goes out every week to about 40,000 coaches around the world and the current one is looking dated apparently.

It would be good to get some of the boys as well for a gallery of the team for our own website.
More than one snapper very welcome.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Match Reports

The hastily made 7s arrangements seemed to have got through in time, with 17 players turning up at South Gower. As a reward, they were also treated to an unexpected Penlan fixture. As reported by Rob, these challenges were met with great enthusiasm by all of the squad. Mentioned in dispatches were Max and Cai's tagging, Dylan's speed, Jake's commitment, Megan's running, and interplay from Thomas, Elias, Ethan, and Ava. Both matches were tight, with only a try separating the sides. The best performance came against Penlan, where a last-gasp try denied the 7s a draw with the team that contained several players that overturned the 8s last week.

The Tonmawr Alps were frozen solid, leaving only 1 match for the 8s. We all went down the park anyway, and the boys entertained with a 12-6 win over a good Bonymaen side. Tries came from near and far. Rhys Davies, Tom L, Lloyd and Rhys C stretched their legs, James ran in a cracker from the halfway line, and Ben H's brace followed from strong defensive work and turnovers. The game was close and physical. One not to miss next season.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks to all those who came down to the club on Sunday night.

Highlight of the evening was Margeret Thrush of MacMillian charity fame popping in to tell us that she fancied Prince Charles and she wouldn't mind...well, it wasn't exactly strictly to do with giving, though giving was mentioned.

Mike took notes and will summarise some of the comments.

Look forward seeing the boys on Wednesday.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Sunday 17th

Match details for the 7s and 8s below.

Don't forget drinks for all 7s and 8s parents. Mumbles RFC Clubhouse, Mumbles Road, at 8:00 on Sunday night.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Under 7s Away Match at South Gower - see details in post below

U8s Teams for the weekend

Here are the teams for Sunday 17th

Away at Tonmwar (meet at Tonmawr at 11am)

Ben C
Ben M
Tom L
Jack P
Tom P
Tom G

Home to Bonymaen (meet 10am Underhill)
(likely to be limited parking)

Rhys C
Rhys New
Ben H

The week after we play Gowerton, but it is likely we will play against Morriston as well on the same day.

Click here for a Map to Tonmawr. Head towards the M4, and either go through Jersey Marine, get on the A465, get off at Neath and head through Cimla to Tonmawr. Or, cross under the M4 and go east over the old bridge, turn left to Briton Ferry carry on the A474 turning right at Neath to Cimla and through to Tonmawr.

Don't forget parents drinks on Sunday evening, 8:00. Even if you can only come for a short time it would be great to all meet up and in particular get some feedback on the latest arrangement (having lots of matches and mixing up the squad) and contact training.

Under 8s Match Details for Sunday 17th

Another complicated one for this week.

Playing AT HOME, against Bonymaen, down Underhill Park are:
Rhys Cottrell, Lloyd, Aled, Max, Tom L., Ben Hinds, Matthew, New Rhys, Liam, Connor, James, Harry.
Meet Dan at the park at 10:00.

Playing AWAY at Tonmawr are:
Tom G, Ben Cambriani, Keiran, Ben Marsden, Tom Parks, Jack Parks, Dom, Cian, Cam.

Click here for a Map. Head towards the M4, and either go through Jersey Marine, get on the A465, get off at Neath and head through Cimla to Tonmawr. Or, cross under the M4 and go east over the old bridge, turn left to Briton Ferry carry on the A474 turning right at Neath to Cimla and through to Tonmawr.

Meet Adrian, Mike and Lyndon at 11:00.

Don't forget parents drinks on Sunday evening, 8:00. Even if you can only come for a short time it would be great to all meet up and in particular get some feedback on the latest arrangement (having lots of matches and mixing up the squad) and contact training.

Under 7s Match details for Sunday 17th Feb

Change of plan from last week (apologies). The u7s match is NOT at Underhill, but it is not too far: away at South Gower. Kick off at 11:00, please assemble at the South Gower ground at 10:30, where Alex, Rob and Will will get everyone tagged up. It looks like it will be cold - wrap up.

Directions to South Gower RFC are here. The clubhouse is easy to find, just off Pyle Corner. Go passed the shops and down Pwll Du lane (not down to Hareslade) and it is just down the Lane on the right. As usual parking is a mess. Try and park facing the exit! There is a nice clubhouse where the team will be invited for hotdogs after the match.

Don't forget about drinks for parents at Mumbles Rugby Club on Sunday evening, 8:00. Even if you can only make it for a short time your feedback is really important, and support for Rob, Will and Alex who have stepped in for the 7s and been doing a fantastic job.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Contact feedback

As the boys return muddy and battered, we would like to hear any feedback on their first contact session.

From our point of view, all the boys had a go. Some were more confident than others (helps to have an elder sister or brother to bash into), but there were very few tears.

A number of people asked about gumshields and headguards.

We can discuss this on Sunday night.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

U8 Wednesday training - some contact!

On Wednesday, 4.30pm at Underhill, we are going to introduce some elements of contact rugby.

Rest assured this will be in a very controlled environment. We are NOT going to be playing a full game of rugby, but small group exercises in a very confined spaces to get used to the rough and tumble of contact.

From Sunday's matches, there are always areas to work on and we will also be looking at that. Some of the more experienced players were under par during the match, looking for glory before the team.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to drop me a line on 07717 578899 or email me at

Thanks to Penlan for hosting the games on Sunday and to Nantyfyllon for making the trip. A gorgeous Sunday morning, two tight games, won one lost one. Several of the boys had the appetite for more and turned out for Nanty in their game against Penlan. We'll hopefully see both these sides at Underhill later in the season.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Under 8s: We need YOU!

Sunday has turned into a little bit more of a mini tournament, with Nantyffyllon bring down an 8s side to Penlan as well. So if you fancy coming along if you weren't already (that is if you were in the team for Bonymaen on the 17th), then you are most welcome. Instructions to Penlan playing fields are in the originial post below. Drop me or Mike a line to say so, or email, or just turn up.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Parents Drinks Reminder

All U7s and 8s parents don't forget the get together at the club on Sunday 17th Feb. The clubhouse is on Mumbles Road, the blue building in between the Antelope and the Village Inn. In response to suggestions that a slightly later start would be better, we have moved it to 8 o'clock rather than 7.

Sunday (10th) Instructions

Easy instructions for the Under 7s: training down the Park from 9:30.

Under 8s a bit more complicated. With the big squad we've been trying to organise more concentrated game time for the boys. So we have an extra match squeezed in at Penlan for half the squad this weekend, with the other half taking on Bonymaen on the 17th. We have tried to mix it up again from the two teams that played last week.

This week's Nomads travelling to Penlan are: Cian, Cam, Keiran, Dom, Tom G, Max, Ben M, Ben C, Rhys Cottrell. Meet at Penlan RFC at 10:30. The rugby club is at the Mynydd Newydd playing fields, next to the Penlan leisure Centre (and swimming pool). From Mumbles, go up through Sketty and Cockett (A4216) and carrying on through the lights straight over Carmarthen Road towards Penlan on Ravenhill Road. Go straight through the traffic lights at the shops, and take the right turn into Heol Gwyrosydd (the Leisure Centre is signposted). The playing fields are after the mini roundabout, on the left, just before the Leisure Centre.
link to map

The rest of the boys will be the team for Bonymaen, at home, on the 17th. There is no training down the park this Sunday for these guys, but now that it is getting light, midweek training will be moved to Underhill Park, 4:30 on Wednesdays, starting next week (13th Feb). Hope this all makes sense.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

U8s entertain Skewen

With half the squad on the road, the rest of the boys took on Skewen down the park. A try-fest followed, and a game played in cracking spirit on both sides. Max found the open spaces to his liking (4 tries), Ben kept the scoreboard moving (4 tries), Dom grabbed a brace. Relative new boys Liam, Rhys and Lloyd were a real presence, rewarded with many a tag and tries from Rhys (2) and Lloyd. Tagging and support was unbelievable from Cam, Ben H, Matthew. Aled took several Skewen defenders over the line with him for another try. To cap the performance Dom weaved through to the last defender, and offloaded to Tom for a run in at the corner. Bang. Numbers. 16-7.

U7s at Fall Bay

Will's reported great enthusiasm again from the 7s. Tal, Elias, Megan, Liam, Ioan, Tomasz, Ethan, Sean, Thomas and Dylan built on their training with an excellent defensive line and willingness to pass. A few got on the scoresheet, including Tal. (It really is difficult to keep track in the heat of the game). Honorable mention for Will, who ended up at Underhill, played for the 8s, and scored a great try.

It is a shame they had to wait around so long. It is something we try and avoid, and we have tried hard this year to get the younger games on without delay, but often is out of our control. We'll keep assessing the best approach. In the meantime make sure the players keep warm at this time of year if they are hanging around at all.

U8s v Fall Bay U8s

Cold, windy and cold and windy.

The split team faced an unbeaten Fall Bay side this Sunday in an 8-a-side match on the freezing tundra of Scurlage.

Mike Morgan forced his son to wear shorts, but failed to produce those much awaited pins.

The match itself was an absolute humdinger.

The Fall Bay side had pace and strength, but hadn't reckoned on the tenacity and skill of the Mumbles side. Mumbles reached 5-2 at half time with tries from Rhys (2), Ben M, Tom and Harry. Harry, scoring his first try for Mumbles went in from 40 yards.

In fact the whole team were buzzing for tags, and running. The Fall Bay threatened a number of times, but great tags from all the team prevent wave after wave of attack.

After half time the Fall Bay side galvanised themselves in fast free and game, leveling the scores before Connor was in support to go over for his first Mumbles try. Good runs from James, Keiran and Tom P, plus the constant support from Cian meant that we could have scored on a number of occasions.

With the last play of the game, Fall Bay tiptoed up the touchline to equalise and the final whistle to brought to an end an excellent game. Well worth the wind and journey.


For the mistaken belief that England might have beaten the Ospreys.

Thank you to one and all who smiled cheerfully when they saw me on Sunday. I took it all in very good heart and wish the very best to the Welsh team for the rest of the matches.

In the meantime I will watch the World Winners and twice Runners Up try their best to pull it around against the plucky Italians, a nation so good that they finished above Scotland and someone else last season.


Saturday, 2 February 2008

Ospreys at Twickenham, 2nd Feb 08

Friday, 1 February 2008

Fall Bay is very cold

Wrap up extremely warm, because the wind is bitter in Fall Bay. Players should be well wrapped as well.

Talking of wet and windy, I have 2 tickets for the Scotland game (£40). And I pretty sure I have four tickets for Italy game (two pairs) and two tickets left for French game.

Please email me if you want them.

Don't forget 17th Feb Sunday for adults only drink and chat at 7pm in Mumbles RFC.

And finally, there was a recent incident in one of the older team's games where one of the opposition parent's was aggressive towards a referee.

I know we are all paragons of virtue (that means nice to others Rhys). However if you do feel aggrieved about something, please contact us or speak to us first and not to the opposition coaches or parents.

Lecture over. Off to find an English friendly spot of Mumbles.